Processmind Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

• Document Management (Digitisation/Indexing)  

The project pertains to a reputed IT Company having large number of employee base across the globe. The documents pertaining to employees consisting of around 100 types of non -standard documents were gathered together spread over about five decades and having over five crore pages were kept in the physical files and stored for retrieval/reference purpose. The exercise of retrieving/referring of documents on a regular basis was time consuming due to its age and volume, cumbersome and prone to errors. The challenge was to digitize these old documents and index them in their appropriate document type category. The solution was conceived to index the documents using code numbers. All the old documents pertaining to over five decades consisting of five crore pages were successfully scanned, indexed as per the document type using unique code numbers for each type of document. This has immensely helped the client to retrieve/refer a particular document type of particular employee within a span of few seconds.